Incite Your Senses

Chakra Spa

Chakra Spa in Samsara Ubud is more than just a spa in Ubud set in a lush tropical jungle.

It lures with its contemporary Balinese facade - Chakra Spa is a temple of wellbeing dedicated to complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

Three luxurious double treatment rooms are home to a range of therapies including soothing Balinese massages, healing reflexology and rejuvenating body scrubs. Chakra Spa also features an indoor yoga area, outdoor yoga garden and a gym.

Rest, forget about the world and achieve a perfect state of relaxation in the hands of Chakra Spa's experienced therapists.


  • Chakra Spa interior at Samsara Ubud Villa Resort
  • Interior Chakra spa at Samsara Ubud Villa Resort
  • gym at Samsara Ubud Villa Resort